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International expeditions

Big duffle bags full of heavy gear, airport security, long flights, foreign languages, ordering food from menus you can’t read, jet lag, foreign cultures, and big beautiful mountains. That is what comes to mind when I think of traveling internationally to climb. Yes, there is a lot more involved, but the old saying is true “the bigger the investment the bigger the return.” Whether you want to climb on volcanoes in Ecuador or ski in France or climb monster ice routes in Canada or trek into the heart of the Himalaya, traveling internationally will give you the opportunity.

Destinations to consider:

  • Chamonix, France

  • Zermatt, Switzerland

  • Dolomites, Italy

  • Canada

  • Patagonia, Argentina

  • Ecuador

  • Nepal

Have a different destination in mind? Contact Mahoney Alpine Adventures for ALL of your international climbing needs.

Climb Mt. Blanc 4,808M Aguille

Whether you have many notches on the bamboo shaft of your piolet or have never been to the summit of a glaciated peak before; Mt. Blanc could be the adventure you are seeking.

Mt. Blanc stands as the tallest peak in the Alps and towers over the original mountain town, Chamonix.

Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard completed the first ascent of Mt. Blanc on August 8,1786. This ascent is considered the beginning of modern mountaineering. In 1808 Marie Paradis became the first women to reach the summit.

A climb on Mt Blanc combines all the charm of the mountain life style in the Alps with spectacular views, big mountain days, tasty cuisine, and the wonderful European hut experience.

The climb consists of five days for climbing, training, acclimatizing and summiting. Based on your experience, three days will be spent acclimatizing on climbs such as the Cosmiques Arête, La tour Ronde, or the Petite Aiguilles Verte and learning the skills necessary for the summit climb. You will spend one night in the Cosmiques Hut for acclimatizing. The final two days will be attempting the summit of Mt Blanc via the Dome du Gouter and Bosses Ridge route or the Three Monts route over shoulder of Mt Blanc du Tacul-Col du Mont Maudit-Col de al Brenva-Mt Blanc.

The Matterhorn 4,478M

The Matterhorn is one of the most widely recognized peaks in the world and it history is rich with competition and drama.  The first ascent was on July 14 1865 by a party organized by Edward Whymper.  The team consisted of Whymper, Charles Hudson, Lord Francis Douglas, Douglas Robert Hadow, and three guides Michel Croz (from Chamonix), Peter Taugwalders Sr and Jr.  The team of seven set out from Zermatt for the East Ridge, which prior to the first ascent was considered more difficult than the West Ridge from the Italian side   The party completed the summit but tragedy stuck on the descent and Whymper, and the father son duo of Peter Taugwalder were the only members to make it down. Three days later on July 17 1865, Italians Jean-Antoine Carrel and Baptiste Bich climbed the much more challenging, west ridge.  

An ascent of the Matterhorn can be done with many different acclimatizing objectives.  The classic five-day trip starts with climbing Castor and Pollux and staying up high at either the Refugio or the bunkhouse at the Klien Matterhorn tram station.  Day two climbing Breithorn and a return to Zermatt for rest and gear prep for the Matterhorn.  The last two days are spent at the Hornli hut and the climb of the Hornli ridge to the summit of the Matterhorn.

Mt Blanc MapRatios and Cost per Day:

  • 2:1 $450 per person
  • 1:1 $650

Additional cost:

  • Huts and meals
  • Lodging in Chamonix
  • Meals in Chamonix
  • Travel to Chamonix
  • Travel insurance
  • Rescue insurance
  • Personal kit

Equipment list:

  • Ice ax / Helmet / Harness / 2 locking carabiners and belay device / Crampons
  • Mountaineering boots/Climbing pack (30L)/Gaiters
  • Upper Body: Lightweight thermal / mid-weight thermal / hard shell / fleece / belay jacket
  • Lower Body: -Mid-weight thermal/climbing pant/hard shell pant/socks
  • Sun hat/beanie
  • Neck gaiter
  • Sunglasses
  • Goggles
  • Headlamp
  • Water bottle
  • Trekking poles (optional)
  • Earplugs (huts are noisy)
  • Sun screen/lip balm
  • Sleeping Bag liner (a lot of people use the hut blankets)


The Alps

Known as the birthplace of modern alpine climbing. Chamonix has everything; alpine rock, alpine ice, mountaineering routes, the best pastries, and good wine. Mahoney Alpine Adventures is proud to be able to offer guided trips to the mountains of Chamonix as well as Zermatt, Switzerland and the Dolomites of Italy. Mahoney Alpine Adventures books seasonal trips to the Alps every winter and summer offering classic climbs like Mt Blanc, the Eiger, and the Matterhorn as well as many other climbs throughout the range. Trips will be customized to individual schedules and will be run at a low ratio. Please contact Mahoney Alpine Adventures for more information and pricing.


Canada is home to some of the biggest and best ice climbing in the world. On the east coast, Quebec hosts ice climbs up to 600 meters long and a distinctly French-Canadian culture. In the west, Alberta and British Columbia offer the continents most classic and well-known climbs. Year around adventure is waiting in the great white north.


The name says it all, spectacular peaks, rich Argentine culture and great steak. The mountains in the Patagonian region of Argentina house some of the most compelling peaks in the world. Mahoney Alpine Adventures is happy to offer trips to El Chaltan to climb Aguja Poicenot; this is a mixed climb on one of the more stunning peaks with views of Fitzroy and Cerro Torre. Please inquire to customize a trip. The best time is between November and February.


Ecuador catches the northern tip of the Andes Mountain range with many glaciated volcanoes to climb. The summits of Chimborazo, Cotapoxi, and Antisana are are all above 18,000 feet and offer unique climbs at altitude with moderate difficulties. An expedition to Ecuador is the perfect introduction to high altitude climbing while visiting the comforts of a wonderful culture. Trips can be scheduled year round and can be customized to fit your schedule. Please inquire about details.