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Knuckle bashing, freezing fingers, frozen ropes, and early starts. I cannot explain why I have spent the last 16 years pursuing this frozen medium as passionately as I have; but I do know that when I see my breath I feel alive, when my muscles ache I feel rewarded and when I look at what I have climbed I am proud. Climbing ice is the most intense and peaceful aspect of the sport. Ever changing conditions require complete focus — ice climbing does not allow you to hesitate, does not allow you to let your guard down. It is the perfect opportunity to focus on the present and let everything else fall away. Ice climbing opens up a winter playground. Every wet, seeping, moss covered cliff is your jungle gym.

I would like to unlock the fun that climbing vertical frozen waterfalls can offer. Mahoney Alpine Adventures caters to all ability levels. Read the course descriptions below and contact us today to schedule a climb.

Intro to Ice Climbing:

If you have always wanted to experience climbing a frozen waterfall but you have never even tied into a rope before or you have only rock climbed this is the course for you. Intro to Ice Climbing will teach you everything you need to know to get started. The progression will be customized to the individual or group based on experience. You will be taught everything from tying into the rope, belaying, protection placement, anchor construction, ice axe use, crampon use, multi-pitch climbing, and rappelling.

The days are long and can be cold so be prepared. For a full list of gear needs please see the preparation page. Mahoney Alpine Adventures has all the technical gear for your use.

Most commonly we will climb in Smugglers Notch. 

Private courses are available as well as group lessons.

Intermediate Ice Climbing:

If you have been climbing ice a little and want to bump up your skill level then this is the course for you. Intermediate Ice Climbing focuses on refining technique and working on efficiency. Ice climbing is a very physical sport and good technique is the key to climbing vertical pillars. You will top rope to get the best coaching and multi-pitch climb to become faster.

We climb primarily in Smugglers Notch.

Private courses and group lessons are available.

Advanced Ice Climbing:

If you have been ice climbing a while but can’t seem to break into the next level then this course will get you there. Hard ice climbing is all about mental toughness and confidence. This course offers you a tour of the areas hard climbs and pushes you to a new level.

We will climb VT and NH classics such as Repentance WI5, Remission WI5+, Drop Line WI5, Welcome to the Machine WI5, Brag/Pheasant WI5, Way in the Wilderness WI5, Without Reason WI5+, The Black Dike WI5-, and Omega WI5+.

Private courses are available or 2:1 ratios.

Lake Willoughby:

Hands down the finest ice climbing destination in the lower 48 in the country. Lake Willoughby in Vermont offers something for any climber from WI3 to WI6 and hard mixed routes. Mahoney Alpine Adventures offers one to three day climbs at Lake Willoughby. If you have never climbed there then this is the year!

The must do climbs there are The Tablets WI3-4, Reign of Terror WI5, Bullwinkle WI5+, The Promenade WI5+, Last Gentleman WI5, Who’s Who in Outer Space WI5, China Shop WI5, Called on Account of Rains WI5, Renormalization WI4, Plug and Chug WI4, Mindbender WI5, and Glass Menagerie WI5.

Private climbs are available or 2:1 ratios.