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Granite, schist, limestone, sandstone, and other rock types have subtle features and weaknesses, allowing passage to their summits. Fingers feel the unique texture of each type of rock. Your fluid vertical movement over edges and along cracks will heighten your senses and remove all other thoughts. Learning how to read rock and embrace its challenges, problem-solve, and overcome fear is how you become intimate with the stone. The satisfaction of unlocking a sequence, or mastering an off-size finger crack stays with you until the next mysterious problem presents itself, and utter focus on the intricate maze of edges pulls from your experience to solve the problem.

Rock climbing is the most accessible of all types of climbing. From the roadside crags of New England to the more remote climbs of Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park, the Bugaboos of the Canadian Rockies, and the many crags and peaks of the Alps, I would like to take you on a journey into the vertical world of stone.

Some of the courses we offer are Intro to Rock Climbing, Intermediate Rock Climbing, Advanced Rock Climbing, Aid Climbing, Learn to Lead, and Self Rescue.

Intro to Rock Climbing:

There is no experience required to take the Intro to Rock Climbing course with Mahoney Alpine Adventures. All technical gear will be issued on the first day of the course and/or guidance on purchasing your own gear will be offered ahead of time. All courses will be customized to fit schedules from one to three days and the meeting place will often be at the base of Cathedral Ledge. You should expect to be out for an eight-hour day on the rock. Pack enough food and water for a day of climbing (2 liters of water and lunch). It is advisable to have extra layers and a raincoat depending on the weather. The course will take you through the progression of putting on your harness and helmet, tying into the rope and belaying. Once we cover the nuts and bolts, the focus will be on movement over stone. The day will culminate with a top rope climb or multi-pitch climb, and rappelling.

Routes that we often do on Cathedral Ledge are Upper Refuse 5.5, Thin Air 5.6, Childs Play 5.5, Fun House 5.7, and Kiddie Crack 5.7. We also will climb on White Horse Ledge on routes such as Standard Route 5.6 and Beginners Route 5.5.

Private climbs are available as well as group lessons.

Intermediate Rock Climbing:

Once you have climbed a bit there is a need to get mileage on rock to progress to the next level. Intermediate Rock Climbing is designed to give you that time on rock with the coaching necessary to bump up to the next level. Multi-pitch climbing is the focus with some top rope climbing to push your limits. Here the focus is on independent movement where you learn to read the subtle differences of varying rock types and how to climb them. All the same considerations for food and hydration apply as well as appropriate clothing (see above).

We will often climb routes such as Bombardment 5.8, Pine Tree Eliminate 5.8, Still in Saigon 5.8 and Black Lung 5.8 on Cathedral Ledge. On White Horse Ledge we may climb Sliding Board 5.7, Inferno 5.8, Sea of Holes 5.8, and Short Order 5.8. On White’s Ledge in Bartlett we may adventure out to climb Endeavor 5.8. On Cannon Cliff the all time classic Whitney Gilman Ridge 5.7 is always a favorite.

Private climbs are available as well as a (3:1) ratio.

Advanced Rock Climbing:

This course is specifically designed for experienced climbers who are looking to either climb on their own or try bigger more challenging routes. The focus here is efficiency both with moving over stone and managing gear. We will also focus on the training necessary to push your limits. Routes will be chosen to challenge the individual; that may mean a three pitch hard route or an easier route that is eight pitches in length or linking up many easy routes in a day.

On Cathedral ledge climbs such as Recompense 5.9, Retaliation 5.9, Diedre 5.9+, The Slot 5.10, and Missing Link 5.10. On White Horse ledge Children’s Crusade 5.9 (1st three pitches), Hotter than Hell 5.9, Lost Souls 5.10, and Atlantis 5.10. Cannon Cliff has the longest routes around and link ups offer big days. Here are some classic routes and link ups, Moby Grape 5.8, Moby Grape/Whitney Gilman 5.8, Vertigo 5.9 A0, and VMC Direct-Direct 5.10+.

Private climbs and (2:1) ratio are available.

Aid Climbing:

This course is specifically designed for experienced climbers who want to challenge themselves in a whole different way. If you have aspirations to climb big walls in Yosemite or avoid the crowds on Cathedral this course will set you up for success. Depending on your goals the course will run any where from one to five days and cover anything from simple aid techniques to hooking, copper heading, hauling and living on a porta-ledge. Lead climbing experience is advised but not required.

We may climb classic routes on Cathedral Ledge such as The Prow A2 and Mordor Wall A3. On Cannon Cliff we may climb The Ghost 5.7 A3.

This course is run at a low ratio (2:1) to insure ample opportunity to practice.

Learn to Lead:

If you have been following your partner around or been climbing in a gym and want to take your strength outdoors this is the course for you. Three days is the suggested length. You will learn gear placement to anchor construction and how to put it all together on the sharp end. The only experience required is you do have to know how to climb and belay.

Routes will be selected based on individual skills.

Low ratios (2:1) are important for this course to insure plenty of time in front.

Self-Rescue Skills:

This course will give you the knowledge to get on longer routes or to go into the mountains with the confidence that if something happens you could take care of yourself. You should have lead climbing experience and good rope skills. The course will focus on raising systems, lowering systems, escaping belays, and two person rappelling.

This course will typically be instructed at The North End of Cathedral Ledge.

Low ratios (3:1) are important for this course to insure supervised practice.